Adult & Family Literacy

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As part of a larger effort to increase literacy and educational attainment, for adults as well as children, most AVANCE-El Paso sites also offer adult ESL and GED classes and extended early education activities for their children.  The general requirement is to have a child less than 5 years old.  Adult students are either parenting program participants or graduates.  At four schools (Burleson, Lamar, Lee, and Newman) in El Paso ISD, parents and children in fact attend four days weekly, as part of the Even Start program.

 Adult and family literacy is offered as an addition to the basic parenting program at the following locations:

  • Burleson Elementary School (EPISD)
    4400 Blanco Ave.
    El Paso, TX 79905 | Show Map
  • Cedar Grove Elementary School (YISD)
    218 Barker Rd.
    El Paso, TX 79915 |  Show Map
  • Clardy Elementary School (EPISD)
    5508 Delta Dr.
    El Paso,TX 79905 |  Show Map
  • Desert Aire Elementary School (YISD)
    6301 Tiger Eye Dr.
    El Paso,TX 79924 | Show Map
  • Desert Hills Elementary School (Clint ISD)
    300 N. Kenazo Ave.
    El Paso,TX 79928 | Show Map
  • Lamar Elementary School (EPISD)
    1440 E. Cliff Dr.
    El Paso, TX 79902 | Show Map
  • Lee Elementary School (EPISD)
    7710 Pandora St.
    El Paso, TX 79904 | Show Map
  • Newman Elementary School (EPISD)
    10275 Alcan St.
    El Paso, TX 79924 | Show Map
  • North Loop Elementary School (YISD)
    412 Emerson Rd.
    El Paso, TX 79915 | Show Map
  • Red Sands Elementary School (Clint ISD)
    4250 Oshea St.
    El Paso, TX 79938 | Show Map
  • Robert F. Kennedy Pre-K (YISD)
    9009 Alameda Ave.
    El Paso, TX 79907 |  Show Map
  • Roberts Elementary School (EPISD)
    341 Thorn St.
    El Paso, TX 79932 |  Show Map
  • Sageland Elementary  School (YISD)
    7901 Santa Monica
    El Paso, TX 79915 | Show Map

Requirement is to have a child less than 5 years old.

For more information, contact Ernesto Mata, Program Coordinator, at (915) 351-2419 or